Hi, I’m Mario, a graduate from DeVry University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.


To start, as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to know how things worked. This is normal for most kids but I always took it a step further and I started with my toys. I didn’t just have toys, I had parts of toys. This was because I was always taking apart all of my toys to see how they worked. This was also why I never had a broken toy, as I would always fix them (or my dad :]). This kind of mind set I was instilled in me is what made me into the person I am now.


I was raised to always keep learning and to never be afraid to break things. This is why I went for a technical degree and over the four years I was studying I have learned many things and expanded on all my loves.


My biggest passion in life is to create and I have tried to do as much as I could too create. I have sculpted, painted, drawn, photographed, programed and soldered all to create. This is what this blog is about, the things that I have created and want to create, all shared with the world.

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