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I have a pretty messy desk. There is a lot of stuff on it, from bits of unfinished projects, parts and all sorts of writing instruments. The random writing instruments sprinkled all over was the most annoying, as I never had a pen or pencil at hand when I really needed it. If I needed to make a note or mark on something I had to always dig around looking for writing tool (not to mention if the pen was dead or pencil tip broken). That is why I decided that I should try and fix at least one part of my messy desk and also put my 3D Printer to good use.

This project started and finished a while ago but I thought I should write about it, this is a Blog for the stuff I make after all. Also, this is the first items I ever tried designing for practical use, so while rough I’m proud of how it turned out.

Screen Shot of wall mounted Pencil Holder from FreeCAD

Above you can see what I created. It is a simple wall mounted organizer, that has a hole for a permanent marker (like a Sharpie) and an area for pens, pencils, rulers or whatever. Attach it using two small screws to a wall or desk and way you go. I also designed this in such a way that it can be printed without any supports and pretty quickly. I’m not a fan of supports as I hate wasting filament.

The stl and FreeCAD files can be found over on Thingiverse! Check it out!

Second Screen Shot of wall mounted Pencil Holder from FreeCAD
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