NoDelay Library Update!

This took me a little longer to get to writing then I was hoping for, but here it is. I did some more work on the NoDelay Arduino Library and fix some bugs. The biggest was an issue that would not let you set a delay time beyond a few minutes. This was my fault due to a use of the wrong data type when storing the delay time.  It turns out that if you tried storing a larger number (for say five minutes) in milliseconds, the delay time variable would roll over as the number was too big. Now this is no longer the case as you are able to use much larger delay times.

Now for some more good news! While going though the library, and fixing the problems, I also decided to get the library compliant with the Arduino Library Manager standards. With this I was able to submit NoDelay to Arduino for it to be included in the official Library Manager! It has since been approved (on March 11th 2019) meaning that people are able to install the library without having to download the Zip file from GitHub.

This has been really exacting for me, as this was the first library for the Arduino I wrote from scratch and I learned a lot doing it, and now others will be able to more easily find and use it.

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