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NESC or Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Library

A write up on a new Arduino library I made for interfacing with a NES controller Continue reading

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NoDelay Library Update!

This took me a little longer to get to writing then I was hoping for, but here it is. I did some more work on the NoDelay Arduino Library and fix some bugs. The biggest was an issue that would … Continue reading

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NoDelay Arduino Library

While I was in the process of programming a simple robot (One day I’ll write that up), I started working on an easy way to use the mills function to help perform tasks at different times. The concept is taken … Continue reading

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My Adafruit FRAM I2C Plus Library

Not long ago, Adafruit released there I2C FRAM breakout board. This board offers 32 kbytes (256 Kbits) of storage space and the ability to be read/written to ten trillion times. That is a lot of cycles and much more then … Continue reading

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