Atera Server Monitoring

Simple python script to create a ticket when a monitored computer (Servers by default) go offline or disconnect from Atera Read more [...]
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Simple Desktop Organizer

A short write up on a simple desktop organizer I designed and 3D Printed to hold pens, pencils and a marker. Read more [...]
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Fixing and Modifying my 3D printer

A while back I got myself a 3D printer, and lets just say stuff happened and its hasn't been setup until this summer. Being it took so long for it to get setup, my printer has become a little out dated, though it it still perfectly fine and pints well. Though, being a little older meant some interesting things for me, most of which have nothing to do with this post but maybe I'll right about it one day. Today I'm writing about the Hotend of the printer. My printer is a Taz 4 made by Lulzbot and Read more [...]
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NESC or Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Library

A write up on a new Arduino library I made for interfacing with a NES controller Read more [...]
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NoDelay Library Update!

This took me a little longer to get to writing then I was hoping for, but here it is. I did some more work on the NoDelay Arduino Library and fix some bugs. The biggest was an issue that would not let you set a delay time beyond a few minutes. This was my fault due to a use of the wrong data type when storing the delay time.  It turns out that if you tried storing a larger number (for say five minutes) in milliseconds, the delay time variable would roll over as the number was too big. Now this Read more [...]
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A Fireplace for Christmas

What do you do when you want to hang your stockings up on the fireplace but you don't have one? The answer is simple, you build one! This is what was asked of me by my sister as she wanted a fireplace to decorate her collage apartment. This project started off will a roll of paper bricks and the idea to use a cardboard box to make a fireplace. Using a large, flat box I first started by cutting out an opening for where the fire would reside. After the opening was cut, I started to lay the brick sheet Read more [...]
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Write String to Arduino EEPROM Update And Example

*This is a followup to my Write String to Arduino EEPROM article.*

As it goes, sometimes you find one thing when looking for another. In this case, I was doing some research on a project I'm planing to make in the near future. This is when I came across a line of code that would make turning a Char Array into a String much easier and faster then the method I was using for both my EEPROM and FRAM read_String functions.

When I was reading information back from memory and returning a String, the Read more [...]

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CSV to QIF Python Converter

Recently I have wanted to start keeping better track of my finances. To do this I started using a personal financing software called HomeBank to keep track of my spending. Virtually all of my different financial accounts offer ways in which to export my monthly statements so I could then import them into my software for tracking. This was great and made tracking everything really easy, thought not everything was as easy a I would have liked. For one of my account, my bank account specifically, the Read more [...]

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Iron Man Arc Reactor

The Arc Reactor is (in my opinion) one of the coolest pieces of Sifi tech to come out of the comics / movies ever. Not only is it a useful device for powering things like armed suits, it also just looks awesome. This is probably why so many people make there own copies. I know this is the reason I made mine.

I am a huge Iron Man fan and around three years ago, for halloween I wanted to have my own arc reactor chest piece to wear while walking around.I went to my inhouse design expert (read: dad) Read more [...]

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World Maker Faire 2015

Another year and another wonderful time at World Maker Faire! This year marks the sixth year for this annual event and my third year of attendance. Still, even with two prior years of experience coming to this show I am still unable to process how grand the whole event is. The best way to sum it all up would be to say that is a sensory overload. There is just so much to see and do that its hard to take it all in. With every direction you turn there is something amazing to be seen and you find it Read more [...]

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