Atera Server Monitoring

At work, we use a service called Atera, which is a PSA and RMM. Its a pretty nice service and is still developing which keeps making it better. Though as nice as it is, there are still some features it doesn’t have. One of which is, an in your face alert when a server goes offline.

There are alerts in the software, and even a little notification bell, but nothing that puts a ticket in your queue saying, “Hey! This needs to be looked into right now!” What Atera dose have is API’s which allow you to extend the functionally of the service in different ways.

I have found that the API’s are lacking a little but they have been adding to them so I have hope, thought they are good enough for my little project here, which is making tickets for servers that have gone offline. Below is linked to my GitHub with a Python script that will create a ticket any time a server (or monitored computer) goes offline or loses contact with the Atera service. This is great as you can be quickly notified if a client server needs to be looked at right away or having the side effect of knowing if a whole client site has gone down before they even call you.

This little script has been very helpful in my office and I hope others will find this and also be helped by it.

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