Write String to Arduino EEPROM

Updated 4/10/16: Changed read_StringEE function with improved code Follow up article HERE! I have been working on a project, the same project from my Using an Arduino with C# post. Besides needing to send commands and settings to my Arduino I also needed to save them. For this, I decided to use the EEPROM with is built into the Arduino. Even though the EEPROM has a limited amount of times it can be written too, 100,000 to be precise. The amount of rights will never get that high. As for Read more [...]
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I Bought a 3D Printer

I need to start this off by saying that 3D printers are some of the coolest things ever thought up. I have been a huge fan of desktop printers and have watched them grow since around the time the first MakerBot Thing-O-Matic came out. From that time I wanted one, really, really wanted one. Thought around this time (2010 ish) I had no money at all to buy one. Even now these printers can be a bit expensive, though there are many more options readily available at many different price points. There Read more [...]
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Tilt Maze Game

Intro: This past week I was asked by my grammar school science teacher if I would stop by his class and show off a cool project that would inspire his students, just like I had last year. Though it was short notice (he only told me 3 day before he wanted me), I told him that I would love to come and show off a cool project, though I did not have one. I told him this to which he said that was not a problem and anything I brought would be fine. This was good to hear but still left me with nothing Read more [...]
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NeoPixel Ring Goggles Build

This past weekend was the New York Comic Con 2014. For people who don't know, Comic Con is a fan convention for things like Anime, Toys, Video Games and the like. One thing people do when going to Comic Con is dress up in costume or Cosplay as a favorite character from anything from a TV show to Comic. For this  years Comic Con (also being our first), my brother wanted something interesting to wear, with the theme of Steampunk. He came across an Adafruit tutorial for Kaleidoscope Eyes project. Read more [...]
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Mario Day 2014!

Mario Day! It's a holiday that is celebrated each year on the 10th day of March. This is a holiday to celebrate all the Mario's in the world (and not my birthday like many who I tell about this day think). Lets get some background on what makes this day Mario Day. It's really simple, if you take the abbreviation  for March, which is Mar. and then join it with 10, you get Mar10 or Mario. This is a self-made holiday, meaning that, this holiday is a product of how the calendar works, rather Read more [...]
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WiiChuck Mouse

While browsing one of my favorite online electronic stores, adafruit.com, I came across something cool. This something was a Wii Nunchuck controller, and upon seeing it I was hit with a flash of inspiration. I didn't just see a Wiichuck, I saw the makings of a cool computer mouse project! What I wanted to do, was to make an adapter, which would turn the Wii controller into a mouse, and I wanted to do this in a small form factor. That is why I turned to the Trinket. I have already used the Trinket Read more [...]
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Arduino Mega to Repair Trinket Bootloader

While working on one of my projects, which used a Trinket, I managed do damage the bootloader. In fact I did this to two of my three 5V Trinkets. Luckily for me, Adafruit has a great writeup on repairing the bootloader using an Arduino Uno, all you need to do is upload the program to the board and connect a few wires. The only problem is I don't have an Uno, I have Mega. Its is even written on the Adafruit learning system that, "This loader isn't tested to work with any other kind of Arduino." Still Read more [...]
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Adafruit NeoPixel Snake Game

Snake, a fun and addictive game that has been around since the late 70's. Its a game with few and simple rules and I think its the perfect thing to play on a NeoPixel Display. Background: I was asked to speak at my old grammar school by my science teacher. He asked if I could come and talk to his classes about all the things I have made in hopes to inspire them to get creative and to inspire them to want to know how things work. I was also asked if I could bring some different projects to show Read more [...]
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Using an Arduino with C#

I am currently working on a project, in which, I need to be able to set different configurations from a computer and have them sent to an Arduino. I would also like the program on the computer, to be able to find the Arduino automatically without any input from the user. Both these requests seem very reasonable and I know I have seen other projects with such features in the past. With this in mind I went to Google to see if I could find how I would be able to accomplish this task myself. One of Read more [...]
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Southern Point of New York

If you were to travel all the way to the south end of Staten Island, you would end up at the southern most point of New York. Also, at this point called the Conference House, an historic house named to honor and commemoration of the famous peace conference of 1776. Both places are right in my backyard and are very beautiful. When you see it for your self, you forget that your still in the city. As you can see below, Staten Island Has a lot to offer.   Read more [...]
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