Mario Day 2014!

Mario Day! It’s a holiday that is celebrated each year on the 10th day of March. This is a holiday to celebrate all the Mario’s in the world (and not my birthday like many who I tell about this day think).

Lets get some background on what makes this day Mario Day. It’s really simple, if you take the abbreviation  for March, which is Mar. and then join it with 10, you get Mar10 or Mario.

This is a self-made holiday, meaning that, this holiday is a product of how the calendar works, rather than a person or a group of people saying a certain day will be used to celebrate a particular thing.

In recent years, Mario Day has been associated with the famed Nintendo character Mario, the Italian plumber, and is regarded as a gamer holiday, thought this is not true. Mario Day is not just for any one Mario (there are a lot of famous ones), but for all the Mario’s. Each year, my whole family celebrates Mario Day by getting together and having cake.

Mario Day, in short is just a day to be happy and celebrate (because why not), and if you see a Mario, wish them a Happy Mar10!

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