I Bought a 3D Printer

I need to start this off by saying that 3D printers are some of the coolest things ever thought up. I have been a huge fan of desktop printers and have watched them grow since around the time the first MakerBot Thing-O-Matic came out.

From that time I wanted one, really, really wanted one. Thought around this time (2010 ish) I had no money at all to buy one. Even now these printers can be a bit expensive, though there are many more options readily available at many different price points.

There have been times when I was either working on a project or wanted to start a project and needed / would have been helpful to have a 3D printer. Maybe I might have needed a clip to hold something together, or could have used a custom case to hold some components in place, either way I knew that it could help me greatly. Then two weeks ago in the period of two days, two different friends of mine, who don’t know each other, asked me if I had a printer (because it just seems like something I would have) to help them with stuff they wanted to make. This kicked off a fire in me to go out a buy a printer.

I am now, no longer a college student with no money, and have the ability to finally afford a 3D printer. I knew for a long time what printer I wanted, I have been staring at its product page on Adafruits website almost every day. It’s a printer that has a large build volume and is 100% open source. The printer I bought is the LulzBot TAZ 4.

I can’t wait for it to arrive and really can’t wait to run my first print. More to come in due time!


LulzBot TAZ 4 Image by lulzbot

LulzBot TAZ 4 Image by lulzbot

Not my printer, but I will post a picture when it comes!

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