Off To World Maker Faire 2013

This Saturday and Sunday (9/21-22), there is going to be an event called World Maker Faire, to be held on the NYC World Fair Grounds. I am very excited to say that I will be going! I went to this show last year and had a really good time, thought this year I plan on starting earlier in the day and staying longer.

There is just so much to see and do, I’m hoping I learn some cool things and maybe come home with a few new toys 🙂

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Hidden in my backyard – Silver Lake

I have lived on Staten Island my whole life, but despite that, there are still many different places on this Island that I have not been. This is true for a lot of Islanders, as there is just so much here and a lot of it is not well known. Today, with a friend, I went and visited a place I never knew existed called Silver Lake Park. Silver Lake Park is not a place that is hidden away, but in fact, is located at the crossing of two main roads on Staten Island. The reason I never knew of it was Read more [...]
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Light Knight 0.7!

It's only been a few days since I released V0.5 but after some playing of the game and a little feed back (two people 🙂 ) I have made a few changes and I fixed a whole lot of bugs. [Jump to the download] The first release, I found to have even more problems then I thought it would have. I patched some very quickly and just updated the link one the first post but I found I had other issues. This leaves me now with V0.7 the second release of Light Knight. The plan is to first try and see Read more [...]
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Light Knight

Find Version 0.7 Here! I was able to complete my beta game faster then  I thought, so now it is ready to be tested by others. The name I have chosen for the puzzle/game is Light Knight. Though I might change it in the future, I based the name on the movement of each player and the effect of lighting up empty spaces. The Rules: The rules to this game are pretty simple and they are the following. Two players will start on either side of the board Each player has a color, Player 1 Read more [...]
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I’m making a Puzzle!

Its been a few days since my last post, so I thought I would share some info on one of the projects that I am currently working on. Over the past few days I have been watching a show called Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. In short, its a show revolving around different puzzles and unlocking the power of the human brain. I found the show to be very entertaining, and I also found the different puzzles they played to be fascinating. Some of these puzzles that were displayed are not very possible to Read more [...]
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Zune Bubble Pop

This post is a little late to the game, but I didn't have this blog back in the heyday of the Zune so I'm posting this now. For those of you who remember, the Zune was a media device created by Microsoft. I say media device rather then mp3 or music player because the Zune did (dose) more then just music. In fact, the Zune did (dose) quite a bit and at a very high quality. Thought I'm getting a little off topic. Bubble Pop, is a game/app that I created back in the summer-fall of 2010. This is Read more [...]
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I’m a Tin Smith

While it might not be known to many, I am a Tin Smith. To be precise, I am a Tin Smith who practices the trade from the mid 19th century. For a little background, in the summer of 2005, I started in an apprenticeship program hosted by Historic Richmond Town of Staten Island. This program works in a similar way to traditional apprenticeships where a person is trained in a trade by a master of that trade. The only difference between the two is time. A real apprenticeship last for several years Read more [...]
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Small Engine Rebuild

[Skip Boring intro]So, years ago I found a mini bike frame with engine on the side of the road. Normal people would have just kept moving, and would not have even gave it a second thought, but then again I'm not normal. Instead, me and my dad pulled over, loaded the frame into the back of his car and brought it home. After unloading, and then storing in my shed, I mostly forgot about it. This was largely due to me finding how expensive parts where going to be to put the bike back together. So Read more [...]
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A new look for the new site!

Well at this point, the site is only a few days old but that wont stop me from not liking the looks. The site theme I used for the launch of the site was pretty nice, thought it had things about it I didn’t like. So after a little more looking around I think I found a look that will stick around for a bit. Its clean, fast and has some nice things under the hood!


Now, with the look and feel of the site out of the way, I’ll be able to add more content! Look forward to it!

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Logoff message project

This was a quick project that I put together in a matter of minutes one day when I had nothing better to do.   The back story: In the OSX operating system, there is a message the would appear when you went to log off the computer.  By selecting logoff from the menu or by pressing COMMAND-SHIFT-Q you would be prompted with a window asking if you where sure you wanted to log off (window can be seen below). I used this key combo for a long time during high school and I kinda liked it. The Read more [...]
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