Hidden in my backyard – Silver Lake

I have lived on Staten Island my whole life, but despite that, there are still many different places on this Island that I have not been. This is true for a lot of Islanders, as there is just so much here and a lot of it is not well known.

Today, with a friend, I went and visited a place I never knew existed called Silver Lake Park.

Silver Lake Park is not a place that is hidden away, but in fact, is located at the crossing of two main roads on Staten Island. The reason I never knew of it was due to me not travailing much in that part of the island. Thought the other day while I was driving for my work I happened to drive right past it. I was both surprised and amazed when I drove by to see a large body of water glimmering in the sun and I knew that I need to come back and see it again.

That is just what I did over my Labor Day weekend. I took some pictures but the weather wasn’t the best nor did I have my good camera with me, but still you can see just a little of the beauty that this park has. These pictures do the park no justice.

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Find more info on the park HERE!

I’m going to try and find more cool places like this, and then share them with the world!

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