Light Knight 0.7!

It’s only been a few days since I released V0.5 but after some playing of the game and a little feed back (two people 🙂 ) I have made a few changes and I fixed a whole lot of bugs.

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The first release, I found to have even more problems then I thought it would have. I patched some very quickly and just updated the link one the first post but I found I had other issues. This leaves me now with V0.7 the second release of Light Knight.

The plan is to first try and see what people think of the game and also kill most if not all the bugs the bugs that are in the game logic. Once this is done, I think I might make a nicer looking Game, maybe even an app? Thought the real plan, is to make a real life game board based on this game.

This is why I started out in C++ and a console window as I could prototype very quickly. Thought like I said, once I get all the big bugs out and have something that people could enjoy, I have plans for bigger and better!

Download V0.7 Here:

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