Light Knight

Find Version 0.7 Here!

I was able to complete my beta game faster then  I thought, so now it is ready to be tested by others.

The name I have chosen for the puzzle/game is Light Knight. Though I might change it in the future, I based the name on the movement of each player and the effect of lighting up empty spaces.

The Rules:

The rules to this game are pretty simple and they are the following.

  1. Two players will start on either side of the board
  2. Each player has a color, Player 1 is Red and Player 2 is Blue
  3. Each player will move in turns, starting with Player 1
  4. The player is only able to move in the shape of an “L” meaning one space over and two spaces away. This is the same movement as a Knight in Chess
  5. After the player moves, that player color will spread out in all ll vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions
  6. If the players color comes in contact with a color space of the opposing player, that one color space is taken and the color stops
  7. The spot in which the player is located can not be changed
  8. To move enter the X,Y coordinates starting with X then Y
  9. Win the game by controlling the majority of the board in the amount of turns provided

Screen Shoots

Here is some images of the game.

A look at the layout

A look at the layout

A look at player movement

A look at player movement

Download Time:

Download the File:

Download “Light Knight” – Downloaded 1172 times – 7.27 KB

This is a Beta game, as I feel there can be improvements made, so please let me know what you liked, disliked and if you find any bugs as I’m sure I didn’t get them all, Thanks!

Update 1:

Forgot to say, but windows only 🙂

Update 2:

Find the source code at:

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