World Maker Faire 2015

Another year and another wonderful time at World Maker Faire! This year marks the sixth year for this annual event and my third year of attendance. Still, even with two prior years of experience coming to this show I am still unable to process how grand the whole event is. The best way to sum it all up would be to say that is a sensory overload. There is just so much to see and do that its hard to take it all in. With every direction you turn there is something amazing to be seen and you find it difficult to decide which way to go.

I have come to the conclusion that there is just no way to see and enjoy everything this event has to offer in a day and I would say that even two days might not be enough. I say this from my experience of being at the show from opening to closing and seeing less then half of it all.

Still, even though there was a lot that I didn’t see, I was still able to have an amazing time with my friends and family. I was able to attend a very interesting talk from Atmel about new tools they are coming out with to help develop prototypes using the Arduino platform along with debugging tools to help bring prototypes to production readiness.

After the talk, I headed over to the Learn to Solder tent to make a cool light up rocket pin. Soldering is not a new skill for me, but it was for my friends. It was great they where able to learn a new skill, yet another reason I love this event. You don’t just come and enjoy yourself, you also come and learn new skills.

Once we were finished with making our pins, we headed off to meet up with my elementary school science teacher, the same one who I have visited in the past to inspire his classes (My Sake Game and My Tilt Maze). It was his first year at Maker Faire but in no way his last. He was very blown away by everything and I am sure he came away with lots of ideas for his class.

Right after meeting up with my old teacher, I stumbled across a project that I saw many years ago. This is a car that was converted from gas to electricity and was made in part by an alumni from my own high school  and his class. I had the honor of seeing this car my senior year of high school which was the same year the car was completed. I was really surprised to see the car at Maker Faire but that only shows that you never know what you can find at one of these shows.

After catching up with Ron and his car, I headed inside the hall of science to see the different Makers inside. Inside I was greeted with something I really wasn’t expecting a giant delta 3D printer.

Standing at around two stories tall, this is quite easily the largest printer I have ever seen. There were full size printed chairs next to it!

After wandering the show for a little longer after seeing the hall of science, we finished the the day in the same way I always finished a day at Maker Faire. With the Mentos and Coke show presented by the guys. This year they had the show just outside the event grounds in front of the unisphere. Their show like always was great to see and really the perfect way to wrap up the event. I can’t wait for the show to come around again next year, and who knows, maybe I’ll have a booth to show off my cool stuff one day.

I was too busy getting distracted by all the cool stuff to take pictures of all the cool stuff, but here is a few shots that I took.

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