I’m a Tin Smith

While it might not be known to many, I am a Tin Smith. To be precise, I am a Tin Smith who practices the trade from the mid 19th century.

For a little background, in the summer of 2005, I started in an apprenticeship program hosted by Historic Richmond Town of Staten Island. This program works in a similar way to traditional apprenticeships where a person is trained in a trade by a master of that trade. The only difference between the two is time. A real apprenticeship last for several years while the program hosted by Richmond Town only last two weeks during the summer.

For this time, you are given a choice at the begging for which trade you want to learn. For me, being that I like making things, I choice Tin Smithing, in which Annie Wickersty is the resident master. Under her direction I was tough about not just Tin Smithing, but the history behind it and the history of the building I worked in.

After the two weeks of the program where up, I deiced to come back the following week as a volunteer to help out in the shop and to help out around the village.

Now all these years later I am still involved with Richmond Town and I am still working in the Tin Shop under my Master. Below you can see some pictures of my shop. Enjoy.


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Fun Links!

Here you can find more information on Historic Richmond Town: http://www.historicrichmondtown.org/

Here you can Find my Master Annie: https://www.facebook.com/PedersonWickersty

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