Post #1

Its my first post on my new site! So I was thinking the other day of a small project I wanted to do and I wanted to maybe keep a log of it or share what the project is by some kind of web form. I know there are sites out there which can help me do just that, but I prefer to do things myself. I have access to my own web server and website and I thought I could use that, the only problem being, that is used for well, M-tech Creations and I didn’t want to just post whatever I wanted there. I want that site to just be used for what ever I want M-tech Creations to be. That lead me to think that maybe I should start a new site just for me and not we are here!


I plan on posting all kinds of things here, like code and hardware projects. I might talk about the weather (it could happen). Thought whatever it might me, if its for me then more then likely it will be posted here 🙂


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